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Apartments.dutch-rental.com is not responsible for any of the information listed on this site. We do not own nor can we enter into any contract concerning any property listed on the site even though we may from time to time provide tools to enable a renter to enter into a transaction to lease a specific property directly from the owner/agent of that property. Renters are responsible to confirm information before enlisting services.

Apartments.dutch-rental.com is not liable for any claim between renters and owners. Renters and Owners assume all liability for use of Apartments.dutch-rental.com services. We are not responsible for the accuracy or the content of the information provided throughout this website or for any property or guest book review.

Our site is a service for owners/agents to list holiday apartments for a short term let. We are not involved in any transaction between any party’ who use our site. As a result, we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of owners to rent the accommodations or the renters to rent accommodations. We cannot ensure that an owner or renter will complete the transaction.

Our service allows the owners/agents to update their listing information online at any time. Owners and their agents are responsible for the accuracy of the information on their property listings. Owners and agents providing text and photos assert they own or have been granted license to use the text and photos on this site. Apartments.dutch-rental.com is not responsible for any action, or omission of action, by any renter obtained by the use of this site.

None of the information contained in any page on this site is confirmed or warranted by any party. Confirmation of information published herein is the sole responsibility of the renting party.

You assume all liability for use of any information you find in any page on this site. Apartments.dutch-rental.com assumes no responsibility and in no way warrant the accuracy of the information contained in any of the pages published here.


To formalize a reservation, the Landlord/agent of the property will initially take a 15 to 20% deposit to guarantee a property rental. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). In case payment is made by bank transfer, it is required to send a copy of the bank transfer by fax. This amount will not be refunded in case the reservation is cancelled. Apartments.dutch-rental.com does not initiate any credit card transaction or any other form of payment, but acts as an intermediary between the Renter and Landlord/agent.

Confirmation Voucher

The apartment Landlords/Agents make their best efforts to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Once you book an apartment you will receive a confirmation voucher for the apartment you booked and you will be in direct contact with the persons who are the apartment owners/managers. The Renter will receive the voucher by email with all the relevant information, receipts and confirmation of booking. The Renter will receive a copy of the cancellation details, the address and how to get there, the contact details and where to get the keys to the apartment and any other necessary information. You can and should address any questions to them prior to your journey or during your stay. They have proven to be very reliable and customer oriented.

Cancellation Policies

Please check the Cancellation Policy on the properties listing page as a general rule, but when booking a property you will receive a copy of the refund and cancellation policy from the owner/agent.  If this is not received request one, as each property could differ. We recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance at your own expense. We are not responsible for the refund of rental fees for any reason.

Legitimacy of Landlords/Agents

Apartments.dutch-rental.com is not responsible for the legitimacy of the rental information listed by owners. We highly recommend that you check the legitimacy of the owner before making any payment. Some useful tips are:

  1. speak to the owner on the telephone
  2. ask for reference from previous clients
  3. take out travel insurance
  4. NEVER accept to pay by money wiring transfer (Western Union etc…)

No extra charges

No charges are made by Apartments.dutch-rental.com all reservations go directly to the Owner/agent of the property. Apartments.dutch-rental.com does not charge any administration fee or any other hidden charge for the reservations. The total cost of the property rental and the terms of the agreement are all made by the Owner/agent and Apartments.dutch-rental.com is therefore not responsible for any of these transactions.


The payment of the rental remainder will have to be made in cash by the Renter when receiving the keys to the apartment, after first deducting the down payment made for the reservation. Only in exceptional cases, depending on the apartment, can the payment remainder be made by credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). Payment could be requested some days beforehand if in rare circumstances to secure the property when there are major events in the required city. The client would be notified well in advance of this event.

Security Deposit

When entering the apartment, the client must pay a deposit as security for damages to the apartment or its contents, the amount of which will depend on the rented apartment. The deposit will be paid back when the clients leaves, once it has been determined that no damages have been produced. In case a set of keys is lost, the deposit will be used to pay a new copy. In most cases a credit card will be enough to secure any possible damages.

Included in the Price

All prices include a normal use of electricity, water and gas, as well as the rent of sheets and towels.

The prices are always mentioned in Euros (€) and may vary according to the season or in relation to special events, depending on the apartment concerned.

The owners/agents reserve the right to change their prices according to the season.

Unless stated otherwise, the initial cleaning of the apartment will be included in the price. The clients are requested to leave the apartment in a similar state as they found it.


By default, unless indicated differently in the description of each apartment, entry to the apartment will always be after 15:00 hrs and departure before 11:00 hrs in the morning, so as to allow enough time for the apartment to be cleaned.

Entry after 20:00 hrs implies an additional charge for the client of € 20, unless specified otherwise by the apartment in question.

Entry to the apartment is not allowed for a larger number of quests than specified in the rental agreement. This will be cause for withholding the deposit and will suppose the immediate expulsion of the client from the apartment.

Minimum stays

The minimum stay for each apartment is three nights, unless specified otherwise in the description of the apartment. For special events (such as New Year), the minimum length of stay may be increased.


No pets of any kind are allowed in the apartments, unless stated beforehand by the owner of the apartment.

House rules

The clients must respect the apartment’s neighbours:

•  it is prohibited to celebrate any kind of party or to play loud music in the rented apartment or the communal areas

•  it is requested to respect the hours of silence which last from 22:00 hrs until 10:00 hrs in the morning

•  it is requested not to make noise while walking up and down the stairs in the building, especially at night

•  it is requested not to leave the lift doors open

•  it is recommended always to lock the door of the apartment with key, to avoid any kind of robbery

•  it is requested to maintain the communal areas clean

We appreciate your cooperation. In the case the client causes any nuisance to the neighbours, the client and his/her companions will be obliged to abandon the apartment immediately, without being entitled to any kind of refund.



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